William Kennish Jr. – Creator.

Hey Everyone!

I am so freaking excited about the progress we’ve made.  We are so close to launching, and we already have a lot of ideas for and work done towards the board game and card game.

First, many thanks to everyone involved in this project.  I could not have made it this far without you.  To those of you who like this system, I’m glad you enjoy it.  To those of you who don’t, no worries…I knew fully well going into it that no system is for everyone.  I take no offense and hope you find your perfect system someday. Thank you for giving ours a try.

Everyone is always welcome to contact me with questions, even if they don’t pertain to World Scripting.  I do a lot of gaming. Even though World Scripting may be my take on gaming, I still have a wide appreciation for numerous other systems and games, whether tabletop, console or other modality.

I also want to give thanks to several special people in my life.  First to Jodie, who has stuck by me through hell and high water.  She is our art director and my life partner, and I hope we are able to make many more games and modules together.  So thank you love.

Second, I want to send my deepest thanks to Ema, the co-founder of this company.  This project would be impossible without his support.  Not to mention his original character sheets have helped me numerous times across countless games.  He has been an incredible support this whole time, and I really could not have done any of this without him.

Next are my parents.  My father has been very patient and helpful with this project, assisting me with every technical question from legal issues all the way down to simple physics questions about the games, for which I am extremely grateful.  As for my mother, Renee, she has always been supportive of anything I do, and this project is no different.  She not only edits all of our work, but she also asks a slew of questions to make sure I’m not making any assumptions in my writing.  This has been beyond helpful, and I am forever in her debt.  I love them both very much and consider myself blessed that they both have helped on this project, despite not even being gamers!  So, mom and dad, thank you very much.

Then there’s Donovan.  He came into my life and became involved in the project later than the others, but he has jumped on board and has been a great deal of help nonetheless.  He often goes out of his way to help me see things from a very different perspective, pointing out what I need to tone down or make stronger.  That perspective, along with his ability to help keep track of the rules and look for balance issues, is invaluable.  Thank you Donovan for all your help on this project; I appreciate it a great deal.

Next is Bryan.  He has helped out with both the website and the design of a character generator as well.  Very useful, and I am very thankful for the time he has spent working on the project.  He’s helped me out several times before, but this particular project was personal, and much larger scale than the others, so I’m very happy to have his support.  Thank you as always!

Last but not least are all our testers.  I know I mentioned this earlier as a thank you for everyone involved, but the testers have been through many iterations of this game.  Their patience with every delayed update and unexpected change to their characters will not be forgotten. So, once again, many thanks.

That’s about it for now.  I can’t wait to see where this goes, and honestly I’m super excited about the prospects and what lies ahead of us.  I will hopefully see you guys in the forums, or via e-mail – Arteragorn@worldscripting.com.  Take care, and thanks again for trying our games!

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