Emanuele Sacchi – Designer

Hey guys, my name’s Ema (shorthand for Emanuele, but don’t bother, no one calls me that). I’m Italian, and I’m actually a guy (the beard is a slight giveaway, but in Italy Emanuele is a *male* name in any case)

I’m into computers by trade, and role playing has been my passion since… well, since forever I guess. Honestly, I spent the majority of my adult life either playing or DM’ing. I’ve played dozens of different RPGs, different systems, home-brewed and official campaigns alike. I always loved to create character sheets, and I also developed official charsheets for a couple of companies. Needless to say, when Bill kindly gave me the opportunity to contribute to this project, I jumped into it!!

What else about me? I read. A lot. More than a lot. I spend an inordinate amount of time on the ‘Net. I have a passion for nice cocktails, and I prepare them at home (I have more alcohol and mixing implements than a few bars I know). Despite being Italian, I don’t like wine – I’m into beer, and I have some training in beer tasting.

Well, that’s it. Feel free to contact me guys! – Ema@worldscripting.com

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