“Generally speaking, player races is a hard thing to cover when it comes to RPGs.  After all, we’ve all played something outside the manuals, and bent the rules to allow exotic this, or unique that.  In general, this section talks about the player races that come with the various books and are recommended for players.  Generally speaking though, a world scripter can allow any race to be played.  The game is flexible in allowing virtually any race to be put in a player’s hands.”

“Beasts are generally a category that refers to things that are animalistic in their actions and survival.  From the common rat, across to the vicious wolverine.  If it’s in one of our books somewhere, we have also put it here for convenience, along with the book you can find it in.”

“Mostly created with necromancy magic found in the core book, this is a category for any and all undead creatures.  The undead are creatures who have died, and been raised to serve again in their decaying or damaged form.  Though sometimes this can be barely noticeable.  Generally speaking you can find rules for these in the core book.  If there’s an undead outside of the core book listed here, we will be sure to list the book you can find it in.”

“Creatures forged from the elements of a magic infused world.  Each type of magic in general has an elemental that’s tied to it.  This is a compilation of all those races.  While most things here are covered in the core book, those that aren’t will have a listed associated book.”

“This covers all the unique little races that don’t have enough to make a full category on their own.  It will list the associated book that the race is used and published in.”

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