Recommended Materials

I know most of you already have a bunch of dice. I also know almost every role playing game out there uses dice from the standard seven dice set. In this system though, a few additional dice are used that you probably don’t have. Of course, as most gamers will tell you, it’s called “recommended”, not “required” materials because there is always some way to substitute for what you can’t afford or don’t have. You will also notice to the side of each item there is an abbreviation and occasionally a short description. This abbreviation is what is used in the book to refer to this material from here in, and the description is for less commonly used things.

• Twelve Sided Die (D12)

• Ten Sided Die (D10)

• Percentile Die (D%)

• Eight Sided Die (D8)

• Seven Sided Die (D7):There really is a die with seven sides on it. It’s pretty rare to see though, since it’s almost never used anywhere.

• Six Sided Die (D6)

• Five Sided Die (D5): More common than the D7, but still rare to see. Once again because almost no one uses it.

• Four Sided Die (D4)

• Three Sided Die (D3): There is a three sided die, but most people will just roll a D6 and divide by two.

• Two Sided Die (D2): A coin is fine, but there’s also a die that has two results.

• A Set Of Fudge Dice (D+/-): I know it sounds funny, but this is a real type of die. Most people will not have these, or be familiar with it. It is a D6, with blanks on some sides, pluses on others, and minuses on the rest. You should have an actual set of these (16), as opposed to just one.

• Flight Stands (FS): This is one my favorite devices to use in gaming. It’s a clear stand that holds a miniature up in the air, representing that it’s flying without taking up the space on the ground below it.

• Combat Mat (CM): This system uses both hex and square grids, so it is recommended that you get a reversible mat with hexes on one side and squares on the other. Make sure you get appropriate markers for it too. I recommend Crystal Caste Combat Mat®, available in a variety of colors.

• Miniatures (Mini): There are countless types of miniatures out there, and almost everyone can find one to fit their character or plots. Even if you can’t, you should have something to use as a substitute, even if it’s just a cheap bag of army men from your local dollar store.

I know that’s a pretty expensive list, but if you’ve been gaming for a while, odds are you’ll have most of it. If not, don’t rush out and buy all of this stuff at once. Collect it as you have money for it. I don’t want to bankrupt any gamers out there. They are only recommended materials. You can honestly play the whole game with a single D12, it just takes forever. I know there are a bunch of places to shop for supplies out there. However, I recommend you take a look at both and You can find everything on my list between those two sites. If you have to substitute I’m sure you can come up with clever ideas on how to do so. All gamers do in the end. Soda cans as flight stands, rolling a D12 and dividing in two for a D6, etc.

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