Renee Kennish – Editor & Proofreader

Hi everyone. I am the mother of Bill, Jr., and, as a past English teacher (and I mean past–like years and years ago) with a Masters in communication, was recruited to edit this monumental feat of imagination and perseverance. As we progressed into the game, it became apparent that my job was not only editing in the grammatical sense but also content editing–which, of course, was totally out of my field of expertise. But this lack of knowledge led to many probing questions (like what the hell does this mean?) that hopefully improved the flow, logic, and consistency of the book, but also added clarity when Bill, Jr., made too many assumptions about the reader’s knowledge of RPGs (that was the easy part, as I had NO knowledge of RPGs).  I am hoping I can now go back to my tennis and golf activities and leave the creation of other worlds to the young and creative minds who find such great joy in these games. 

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