World Scripting: What is the Team Doing Now Series, Ep. 1

Lead Programmer – Donovan Pate

Hey Everyone!

    This week I’ve been working on revamping the website with lots of changes incoming. The first step included creating backups for the website, updating everything, and a few layout changes that hopefully everyone is enjoying as much as I am. This also had the side benefit of allowing the website to be much easier to view and navigate from a tablet or mobile perspective, though I’m still not quite pleased with that aspect and plan to do more for that side in the future.

    My next project is going to be working on getting the team and our community access to create accounts here on the webpage. For our team that will allow us to get more posts just like this one out to our community so that they can have a glimpse of how things are moving along. For our community this will have few benefits for now, but down the road will allow them to contribute to our HomeScripting section for beasts and races, giving everyone more options in their games.

    I guess I should also mention those are coming down the line. Obviously all names are subject to change, but the current plan is to have a Race Compendium and a Bestiary, both of which will have an Official WorldScripting Section, and a HomeScripting section. In the HomeScripting section community members just like you reading this now will be able to submit and edit their own beasts and races for this system, and others will be able to vote on them for how difficult they are.

    Well, that’s all I’m going to leak about what’s upcoming here for this post. I’m looking forward to seeing what all of the above actually manages to get knocked out by the next time this series rolls back around to me. As always feel free to send any comments or suggestions to me at

Safe Travels,

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