Why this RPG?

With so many RPGs out there, you might ask ‘Why World Scripting?’  That’s a great question, and let me start by saying that I am aware no system will make everyone happy.  So instead of trying to simply claim it’s the perfect system for you, I’m going to list some unique features and issues that World Scripting has compared to other systems.  If these features sound like your kind of thing, then give us a try!

Cross Breeding:  Sure some games have “half elves” and “templates” for being part demon.  However, with World Scripting we have in-depth system that allows you to combine any two races (though some might have to be combined using a bit of magic first).  The concept of “Half Elf” will now beg the question, ‘What’s the other half?’ and you will be able to create over 100 possible cross breeds using just the core book alone.

Realism:  Too often systems wander away from realism.  For example, in many systems there are humans with so much strength they can pick up entire houses and carry them down the road, dragons who can fly while holding entire armies in their claws. or even orcs able to jump buildings as tall as skyscrapers in a single bound.  World Scripting believes that those feats should all be kept for the movies and super heroes, and instead strives to provide a more realistic foundation.  We’ve done research on issues like the longest jump ever made, how fast and how far world champions can run, and even what the wingspan of a dragon would realistically be.  Sure, we didn’t get it perfect, no one can while maintaining a set of rules that’s easy to follow, but we did strive to make a much more realistic atmosphere for gaming than other systems do.

Large Combats:  Many systems don’t bother to provide a unique set of rules for what happens when larger fights erupt.  Sure they might let you gather a bunch of followers and lead your own kingdom, but people running these games are often lost on how to present and initiate fights where the number of combatants may be in the thousands.  Here at World Scripting, we give simple and easy to follow rules on how to resolve these massive conflicts, and even provide ways individual characters can influence the larger battles so they don’t just feel like an insignificant single unit in the masses.

Flexible Magic:  In World Scripting we understand that everyone has their own view of what magic is supposed to be.  Because of this we provide both examples and outlines on a very flexible magic system, that covers both enchanting items as well as creating your own in-depth magic spells.  We even have a compendium with a slew of custom made spells for people who just want to use pre-made content.

All Technology:  In World Scripting we have rules that allow all levels of technology to be included.  From the cave dwelling age, where rope was a marvel of brilliance, to modern pistoleers and even into the future with space ships and colonizing other worlds, World Scripting technology knows no bounds.

Attribute Balancing:  In far too many systems, attributes can outshine a skill.  In World Scripting we believe that both the attribute and skill are important, and that to be the best at something you will need both.  There’s no such thing as having such a high intelligence that you know everything without needing to study or train.

There’s plenty more inside, including a card game and board game in the works.  We hope that you give our games a try, and please let us know on the forums if you have any comments, feedback or just want to say hello!

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